Friday, January 20, 2012

Bundle up!

It started snowing - heavily - Thursday afternoon when the clipper came through.  For a couple of hours it was mostly white-out conditions.  Sure glad I'm not commuting anymore as the snow fell past sunset making for dangerous conditions for anyone on the road.

Then last night the clouds cleared and temps dropped sharply under starry skies. This morning the deck thermometer is reading -1F.  Nippy!

The storm dropped near 5" of snow.  I'm so glad we got all that snow before temps dropped so the plants would be insulated.  It's downright glorious out there this morning - clear skies and brilliant white snow.  Even the squirrel seemed to stop and admire before scrambling down for breakfast.

I braved the temps and filled the feeder and set out some bread.  Wasn't long before the crows (my favorites) showed up to dine.

They forecast for 2-4" more inches tonight.  Looks like I'm actually going to get to use the snowblower this season.  Oh joy? *heh*


  1. We're having cold temps, too, but only got an inch of snow a few days ago. I hope we get some more soon. Your place looks lovely in the snow.

    1. It's better this year - the snow is fleeting compared to last, so it's not overstaying its welcome. ;-) Hope you get some more soon.


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