Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm not liking this at all

Here is a link to my Mar 17, 2011 post where a single crocus strove to bloom in frozen soil (and TOTALLY typical at this time of year).

Now compare that to this post of pics taken today.

And, as they say on TV - "But wait! There's more!"

Not ONE of these plants should be at this stage on this date.  Check the calendar.  It's STILL WINTER!!  Though it wasn't MUCH of a winter by ANY standards at all.  And now it seems since the ground never froze, we're leapfrogging right into SUMMER.  And MID-summer at that.  Heck, we didn't have weather like this last JUNE!  We are not amused.....

We've not been below freezing since Mar 11 and temps have risen every day.  It's been in the 70s the past couple of days. It's going to be in the 80s for the next couple of days.  Oh man.  When the hammer falls (seasonal temps return) I think there will be a lot lost this year.  There's only so much floating row cover to go around.

I just hope temps at this time doesn't forecast for 100s this summer.  Or snow in July.  I wouldn't be surprised at either.  :-/

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring.
Y'know, suddenly I'm not so looking forward to that now.  

(Left to right, top to bottom:
pieris, pulmanaria, hostas
crabapple, hydrangea, redbud
willow w/catkins, star magnolia, doublefile viburnum
clematis, catmint, spirea
phlox, daisy, flowering plum
daylily, butterfly bush, masses of daffs)

(pachysandra, lupine, myrtle
mock orange, columbine, astilbe
Johnson's blue geranium, yarrow, mums)


  1. You're right, it is pretty but much too early.

  2. I share your concerns...we are about a month early here. The petals have dropped on the early fruit trees and I can see tiny fruit....

    We have already dropped back to normal temperatures so I know a hard freeze can't be far behind.


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