Monday, March 26, 2012

Not liking THIS either.

Between the time I looked outside at the daffs, went into the kitchen to refill my morning coffee, then stroll past the same window, the view had changed.  Dramatically!  *#*(@$#!!

The warm weather slipped away over the weekend.  It rained Friday night and the clouds have persisted since then.  The temps dropped steadily and this morning it was barely above 32F (after highs in the 80s) and a stiff North wind (17-23 mph) is beating on everything.  I can see my breath before the wind whips it away.  Inside, the furnace is rumbling away after it's 2-week siesta.

Darn that tree!  Yes, yes, I KNOW it's dying.  But it was kinda okay when the only limbs that broke off were dead ones.  This is a lot of LIVE that landed this time.  I repeat, *$#*$!!

I'll have to have help cleaning this up. I burned too long and too bright over the past 2 weeks of wonderful weather and I'm exhausted.  Getting old is a b!tch, no?

But I did get a lot done.  Hobbit over at Bag End might even be impressed if I listed all my that has gotten ticked off my list within that time. ;-D

Not everything will have a post, but I did update 5 of the 6 sidebar blogs with some news.

Click these links for pics and details:

What's cooking in the kitchen?   CLICK HERE
What's new in the veg bed?  CLICK HERE
What did I do in the foyer?  CLICK HERE
Out with the old, in with the new in the garden.  CLICK HERE

And, finally, how am I dealing with frost & freeze warnings?
(It's going down to 20 Monday night.)  CLICK HERE

== Yep - Lots of frost and ice Tuesday morning. I wonder how everything in the gardens (and in the hoopster) fared... ==

I have a lot more projects I could blog about, but I'm about clicked out right now.  And I have to get back to all the things I've ignored for 2 weeks, like laundry, and grocery shopping, paying bills, visit some favorite, but recently neglected, blogs, clean house and (yikes - lookit the date) file taxes!.  Oh joy....!  NOT.  :-P


  1. I am so sorry to see your tree in trouble, it's always sad, what type is it?

    As for being impressed, hey lady, this ain't a competition :} and I am already impressed with all I see you achieve. I only do as much as I do because the harder I work the sooner I might have the place straight! Which is why I'm totally bushed (again) and going to bed now, will have a look at all your other activity in the morning.

    1. It's an Autumn Blaze maple, Bilbo. It's been dying for a couple of years, but this is the first time live limbs have broken off. I'm not going to enjoy the empty sky it will leave when it has to come down. :-(

      Like you, I'm very 'results oriented' -- I don't always enjoy the process, mine you, but love the satisfaction that comes with ticking something off a list. Then on to the next....

  2. Poor tree! Hopefully it'll hang on to the rest of it's branches.

  3. Yeah, I don't know what to think of this strange weather!! Poor tree limb. :(


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