Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fertile crescent

April arrived carrying the same mixed bag that March left with:  Nights chill enough for frost, winds rough enough to rearrange plastic pots and dead tree branches, and cold days gloomy enough to send the most optimistic gardener into a funk.  (We really were spoiled during that odd spell of summer weather.)

Yep, must be Spring in Ohio.

The ground is still too wet to till up the rest of the veg bed or the northernmost segment of the bee ring bed that I use for vegetables.  I did rake back the leaves to let in any sunshine and dry air.  But not today.  Right now it's raining, a hard rain but, luckily, no wind.  (I'm really tired of picking up branches.)

It's been a busy week, nonetheless.  If you look to the sidebar on the right, you'll see I've updated ALL the other sanctuary blogs.  (The current post date is listed right next to the blog title.)  Click there for more pic and updates. 


  1. Kris, I do envy you all the rain; ours has disappeared and we are needing a good soaking.
    It is still in the mid-80's here.

    1. The weather is so weird this year. The days are pleasant (40-60s) but the nights are frigid. You want to put things outside but you don't dare. It's still to mid-May for our last frost. Trouble is, I'm not keeping up with the basement plants being so distracted with outside work. Crazy.

  2. April has turned very chilly here too, much snow over parts of the country. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with all your blogs, in truth, I get a bit lost having to go to lots of different places rather than find all your happenings in one place. Your brain is far more organised than mine - I used to have two blogs and that was too much (grin), now I put everything in one place and I still miss things out :}

    Hugs for a very happy Easter, hope you get lots done.


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