Sunday, April 8, 2012

More apple, less crab

The front crabapple had grown by 4-5 feet in the 9 years I'd been here, and it was getting in trouble: dropping lots of apples into the gutter, getting too close to the top of the chimney (fire hazard), rubbing against the roof shingles, and putting pressure on the TV and phone wires that attach to that side of the house.

Front crabapple in full bloom - 2010

After the tree bloomed in 2011, I had it cut back (pros) and shaped (me).  This year due to the warm winter and exceptionally warm March, this tree is blooming a good 3 weeks earlier than last year.

Front crabapple in full bloom - 2012

It's so much more manageable now.  It's trim and tidy and still shades the front bay window and looks fabulous from inside and out.  (Two different cameras lent 2 different colors to the flowers. Odd, that.)  I don't think there could be any more blossoms on it!  The bees are loving it!

Oh hey, speaking of crabapples.  Here is a pic of the crabapple trees I brought home 4/1/2010.

And here's what they look like only 2 years later.  These 2 are Robinson crabapples and I trimmed them back last year.  Now they are only 9' tall.  Can you believe how those little sticks in pots turned into something this big in such a short amount of time?  Wow.  But --- I'm going to have to move them.  They obviously will become entirely too big for this location.  I'm thinking back behind the privacy fence to replace the crabapple I took down last fall.

Meanwhile, back in the garage, there's more *fun* with the mower to be had.  Click HERE for the latest ridiculous adventure.


  1. What a beautiful tree, glad you were able to save it. Most people would have just cut it down being so close to the house.

    1. Cut it down? Wow. The thought never crossed my mind! I love that tree and the privacy it provides the front room. Crabapple roots aren't a problem that close to a foundation. They are one of the few trees that won't harm footings, etc. I just didn't want it climbing up the roof like that and it was so freaking difficult to keep the gutter clean.

      And right now it is stunning. :-D


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