Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bees bees bees

My lawn is a-bloom (much to the chagrin of a certain neighbor) with violas, henbit, lamium, and dandelions while there is something taller (15")  with white flowers blooming back by the golf course fence.  Add that to the mix of early tree, bulb and some perennial blooms this spring and the place is just crazy with bees!  Big bumbles, small orchards, natives and tons of hungry honeybees.  When I walked back by the golf course the buzz was remarkable. I've never seen so many bees so early in the season.  WOW. 

And talk about getting buzzed, I've been busy as a, well, you know... ;-D

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And let's not forget the update on the PROPAGATION page.


  1. Good job your neighbour doesn't live next door to me. One visitor (who, for the record, was a sarcastic b*tch and will never be invited back) once thanked me for "The Weed Tour" ...

    1. This neighbor keeps telling her lawn spray people to run well up into my lawn, trying to kill the wildflowers. I keep telling them if they set one foot out of place, I'll sue their socks off! Guess there are b*tches on both side of the pond.

  2. Kris, I have to remind myself that henbit is doing a good thing feeding the bees! I have more of it than grass. I haven't seen many bees this year though which worries me. There must have been enough pollinators around though because the fruit trees are loaded.


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