Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The view gets better every year

Kitchen window view - AUG 2006

Kitchen window view - APR 2012

A lot has changed in the 6 years between these 2 pics.  The deck arbor has been completely rebuilt and I sanded and refinished the whole deck.

In the first pic there are no brick 'hedges' along the turnaround.  There are no beds other than the 2 that came with the house: the veg bed and a rectangular flower bed straight off the deck.  The rest was just lawn, lawn, lawn.

Oh the sweat, the aches & pains, the cash, and the occasional blood that has gone into this view.  *woof*

And worth every bit.  :-D


  1. I sanded and refinished the whole deck

    and you have the cheek to tease me about how much I do? If anyone is wearing their panties over their tights and leaping around with a mask and cape on it's YOU!

    (nice comment on mine, BTW, you are most perceptive - Management is an excellent enabler. Makes up for him not actually physically helping much, I guess)

    1. ROFL - good one! We are quite the dynamic duo, aren't we? Can you only imagine the trouble I would get in to if I had such a cheerleader as you have? I'd be broken down to a nub in no time. Still, at the end of the day, there's always the view... :-D

    2. It's a good job I am not any closer to you:} There are times when my Inner Voice does not have an edit button and becomes the Outloud Voice - I am thinking of your recent drainage contractors .....

    3. And for those venting needs, we have email. ;-D


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