Monday, April 23, 2012

Tech treat

This weekend BD and I ran up to Hartville to check out the new store opening of Hartville Hardware.  We also shopped at Beiler's for a load of fresh fruit and veg.  After many days of mild weather (great for outside projects) the temps PLUNGED from high 70s to daytime temps of just above freezing!  Wow.  Weather whiplash!  So Saturday was a perfect day to be inside at the stores, and I bought some cool stuff for the KITCHEN.  After shopping we enjoyed a late lunch at a local Chinese place.  Yum!

The outing itself was fun.  But wait until you see what other delights BD had in store for me.

His roommate (SS) recently bought a new iPad2.  And guess who's the lucky recipient of his old iPad1?   Guess.  Go ahead.  GUESS! 

Yeehaw.  C'est MOI!!   :-D  Oh my heart!  Talk about a TREAT!  The left side of my brain lit up like a halogen bulb.  (SS - did you feel a disturbance in the Force when I opened the box?  I sure did.)

And the timing of this gift (weather wise) -- just perfect.  Cold and rainy and there's even some snow in the forecast.  It's supposed to be lousy outside until the middle of the week.  (Yay?)

BD helped me set it up and showed me how to buy/download APPS from the Apple APP store and made sure I was good to go.  After he left that evening, I downloaded a couple of free games, just so I could learn how to use the iPad.  Before I knew it, I'd played ANGRY BIRDs for, um, (really?  is this right?) about 4 hours.  LOL  Huh.  Well, like Berlitz language lessons, full IMMERSION is the best way to learn.  Right?  RIGHT?  ;-D

Anywho, Sunday I downloaded a DOCTOR WHO game and Iost another day to .... training.  (Yeah.  I'm going with that.  Training!)

Oh, look.  I can also download a READER APP for the iPad.  Oh dear....

Meanwhile - winds are roaring from the NW - gusting up to 50mph +.  It's not looking good out there right now.... :-(

Luckily, there were things to do down in the (shhhh) Secret Plant Lab.  ;-D


  1. Yes, you will have a lot of fun with that. I help update the schools ipads and I have to get my brain adjusted to slide and punch and type in oh such a different way. I get back on the regular laptop and I am trying to slide my fingers on the screen. Enjoy you new found object.

    1. You're right, Larry. The 'touch' technology is sooo much different from keyboard/mouse usage. And don't EVEN get me started on the 'tilt' functionality. LOL That's why the games. They allow me to learn how to really handle the iPad. And, boy, is it fun to learn. :-D

  2. Lucky you! You do have the best friends.

    Does that now mean you can download books? If so, lookout my friend!

    1. I'm currently without a router, so the iPad isn't connected to the internet. Just as well, there is so much to do around here, especially in Spring. LOL

  3. Oh, what a treat. I know I could buy one if I wanted - I'd only have to tell Management and he'd be off like a shot (typical bloke - loves gadgets) but I cannot bring myself to spend that sort of money on a toy I don't really need.

    If you want the most addictive silly game then download Bubble-Shootix (free from App Store) and if you want something far more sensible and glorious then hunt out Jigsaws Galore at the App Store. There is a free version but I spent a whole £1.99 on the 'full version' which means I can create my own jigsaws. No affiliation {giggle} but it is one of the best bits of software I've come across. Does exactly what it says on the tin and (so far) have never found any stupid glitches. I've been playing it for nearly a year and still not bored with it.

    Have also got sources for zillions of free downloads for the Kindle App which you can download (if you want ....)

    1. With the Kindle app and the iBook app and the free electronic library downloads, I'm just waiting for next winter already so I can cozy up and read. There's just no time for that right now. What I AM waiting for is a free (abreviated) version of Angry Birds in Space... LOL Will check up on Bubble-Shootix soon. I'll get back to you on those other apps... :-D


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