Saturday, April 28, 2012

The dire deed is done

Broken Blaze maple

Click pic for full story

For the full story on the tree removal, click on the pic of the stump.

In other happier tree news, the front crabapple that had been trimmed and shaped last June was completely covered with blooms this past month.

Now, thanks to the bees and other pollinators, it looks like there's going to be a bumper crop of fruit this year.

Lovely!  I've been without crabapple jelly for FAR too long!


  1. Oh, I hate it that you lost the tree! I have one of those red maples, maybe October Glory. Yours looks to be much larger. I really hate to lose a good tree. They did a neat job of cutting the stump.

    1. Yes, they did. I'm deciding if I'm just going to put in a blower bed there, or replant a shade tree. Jury's still out.

  2. Always sad to have to lose a tree. Just noticed your new "look", very smart!

    1. From you who have had so many go to the chipper. It IS stressful, though.

      Thanks for the 'new look'. This one seems a bit more straightforward, no?


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