Monday, April 30, 2012

May-haps? or May-hem? We'll see.

April was much much colder than March.  March was so warm that my heating bill looked like something from July!

April froze a lot.  Just yesterday the bird bath was iced over.  Yesterday was sunny, though bright, blustery and cool.  This morning was cold and wind and rain and I wished I had my gloves when I ran out for errands.

But by noon, omigosh, it was hot!  And humid.  And uncomfortable - in that 180 turn that Ma Nature is fond of these days.  So I checked the long-range and gee.  Our last frost date is traditionally May 18.  But these temps are June temps, mostly.  The 10th may dip low enough to frost - maybe.

Otherwise -- tra la, it's May (well, close enough for government work!).

So I have done something, rather rash.  I usually keep the leaky front bay window taped up with plastic well into May (especially LAST May, brrrr!).  But I was seduced by the warmth, the sunshine, and accuweather to get on with this annual chore.

I peeled off the plastic.  I hate it.  I hate it. I hate it.  The view through it is probably like looking through a cataract.

But look!  Now everything is bright and clear and shiny!  Yay!   :-D

Okay, accuweather, I peeled off all the used tape, threw it away and stored the plastic wrap in a box for October.  I'm ready for summer, so -- you better not be messing with me...! 

*pant*  Gosh, it's even too hot for jeans.  I'm switching to shorts.  Oh dear.  Suddenly I'm bang  into another seasonal chore.  Now where did I leave that razor.... ;-/

P.S. Here's some other (less racy)  seasonal news.
Click the pic for the latest on the basement plants.


  1. Similarly crazy weather here too. Sometimes blazing hot during the day, very cold at night.

    You've reminded me I need to get some shade on the greenhouse too ... another job :}

    1. So many things are advanced and blooming early this season. Will we run out of flowers before the end of summer? Thankfully we're keeping up with the rain - although much less than you are seeing over there. I've seen pics of the flooding. Hose pipe ban? Ironic...


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