Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hoop hoop hooray

CLICK PIC for full story

Since Spring of 2009, I've made extensive use of my large driveway hoop house and the 2 table top hoopsters for protecting early plants and seedlings from inclement weather and too much sun.

But I found it cumbersome and, sometimes, downright restrictive, trying to keep everything within the frame, moving plants toward the center when they got too tall for the edges, reaching through a jungle to get to small plants in the back, etc. etc.

I've been using one of the tabletop hoopsters since March 11 when that ersatz 'summer' visited Ohio.  Since late April lots more basement plants have joined the fray.  May looks like summer again.  So I wanted to try something else.

Click the pic for the crazy solution.


  1. Well haven't you just been the busy girl whilst I've been too occupied to travel across the Pond and check up on you :}

    Inspired solution - you now have your own 'nursery area' which puts mine to deep shame. From a distance your neighbours will just think you hung outdoor curtains, ha ha.
    Thanks for the reminder, because I've been wanting to put some shade net across the top of my nursery, just another thing I haven't got around to yet, sigh!

    1. Oh I know. I just sort of threw it together. Tonight it will get chill, so I just draped a plastic sheet from the open end and voila! - a frost-free zone. I may have to develop this into something more full-fledged for next season.


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