Thursday, June 7, 2012

Other pages

While I've not been posting much here on the MAIN page -- I've been updating my linked blogs.  

There's been activity on the Vegetable blog.

And there's been a lot of liftin'/totin'/(even some cussin') going on posted in the Garden Projects blog.

The links are on near the top of the sidebar.  (The dates indicate the last update to that blog.)

So if I'm not on this page, click over to one of the others. 

Seeya there.


  1. I have been stopping by and checking out your other pages, but am only able to comment on this one.
    Read about your stump project and all the work you put in sifting out the roots.

    Nice looking lettuce. I have been harvesting spinach and beet tops and enjoyuing lots of salads lately. :-)

    1. Hi, Lois. I looked into your comment problem and my other blogs have it so that 'anonymous' readers can't comment. I turned off that option. I'll leave it open unless I get spammers.

      You just can't beat a spring salad, no matter what kind of greens you grow! Glad you are enjoying yours. :-D

  2. thanks for doing that. I went over to test it and left a comment.


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