Thursday, August 16, 2012

Deer deterrent

Remember the salvia bed back by the asparagus?

How I would throw nylon net over the Yvonne's and Blue Bedder salvia every night to thwart the deer?

How I would remove the net during the day so hummers and bees could get at the blooms?

And how, one day, the deer came during the DAY and ravaged the bed?

Well, by keeping the net over the bed 24/7, most of the plants have rebounded and started to bloom again.

Trouble is, having the net on during the day is driving the critters crazy.  The bees are smart enough to find their way UNDER the net.  Alas, they can't find their way OUT.

The hummers, meanwhile, get nothing. :-(

What good are flowers if you have to cover them up just to save them from the fracking deer?!

I remembered from somewhere (reading? conversation? forum?) that deer don't like uncertain footing and getting poked in the eye.

Hmmm, the footing around here is as sound as it gets - baked hard and easy on the hooves.

But - poking in the eye?  Well then  ...  let's try THIS! 

We'll try the porcupine approach. *snark*

At least now the GOOD critters have a chance to get at the blooms.  Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Fingers crossed ... now, if we could just shoot them with an unexpected jet of water at the same time . . .

    PS: I don't think you've shown me those raised beds before, very nice :}

    1. Actually, the salvias are growing in the front half of a compost bin. The 8x8 next door was the sandbox when I bought the house. I attached another row of board and made it the asparagus bed. Then last year I cleared out the front half of asparagus and planted flowers.

      As for the jets, I wouldn't waste *spit* on the deer, let alone precious water this year.

  2. LOL! Love it. Those FRACKING deer must be stopped--and I love clever ideas!

    I have had some good luck now with shredded up Coast soap mixed with water to a gloppy mess--sprinkled over the plants.
    My coneflowers and rudbeckia have finally had a chance to bloom-though they are only 6" tall. I'd laugh about it if I weren't so PO'd!

    1. Yes - stop they must! I'll keep you posted on the sticks. Odd - the deer never even once bit into my coneflowers. Glad you had luck with the soap. I'm still thinking venison though....

      Hang in there.

  3. Great idea! I sure hope it works.

    Ilost all my Yvonne's. It is a beautiful flower.

    1. Me too, Glenda. I usually have swaths of tall Yvonne's for the hummers. This year - barely nada and only 20" tall.

  4. How'd the deer spears work? Great idea!

    1. *knock wood* So far, so good.


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