Monday, February 4, 2013

Keeping up with things...

It snowed all day Saturday and then we got some more Saturday night.  I'd say about 6" total.

I blew the driveway late afternoon, then just pushed the overnight 2" off the next morning with a shovel.

Some sunshine on Sunday allowed the driveway to clear all the way down to the blacktop.

This morning (Monday) it had another inch or so on it and there is another clipper heading our way and should be here within a couple of hours.   At least the snow is coming in fits and starts and I can keep up with it, both on the driveway and on the deck.

Last week turned out to be pretty productive, what with all the household repairs I'd listed needed to be done.

I got the water/plumbing projects (<=click) Tuesday.
The garage door problem (<=click) was resolved the same day.

The furnace clean and inspect went smoothly and it operates much more quietly now that the damper has been adjusted.

Only things left to do is the fireplace mortar repair.  Alas, though I went to 3 stores, all of them were out of fire backing rope.  One promised to have more stock this coming Friday so I'll hold off until then.

What with the forthcoming clipper today, I think I'll just chill, maybe mosey into the kitchen and see what kind of trouble I can get into there.   Stay tuned. :-D

Yep, kitchen fun (<= click here).


  1. We woke up to heavy snow this morning - lake effect snow off Lake Ontario. Enough to get a snow day out of it. I love working for our school district but then I feel guilty watching my husband leave for work as I get a paid day home. Time for me to get some house work done and maybe cook a nice dinner.

    1. Hi, Bonnie. Glad you're enjoying a snow day - even though you've got some 'snow day guilt' going. I'm sure making a nice dinner for your other half will help that. ;-D

      It's starting to come down pretty good now - the clipper is upon us. Stay warm.

  2. That much snow and our entire country would be at a standstill :}

    1. Honestly I'd rather have winter snow than rain.

  3. Our weather is sure opposite now. We are very warm and more rain is promised.....not even cold enough to snow. Daffs are coming up and some other perennials are coming to life....way too early.

    1. With these deep dips in the jet stream and the distance between you and me we sure ARE getting opposite weather lately. Hope you get some rain but not anything major storm-wise. We've got mild air (40s) coming in early next week. More messy melting.


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