Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rocky Tuesday

Rocky swept in this morning and, luckily, the temps are in the mid 30s so NO ICE.  But lots of wind and rain - almost 3/4" so far and more to come.

There's something for everyone with this storm.  I mean - really - how many more colors could we possibly get on the radar?

And here's what it looks like when the primary color is - GRAY.  *glub glub*

For something warm and cozy, however,  click on this bright and bubbly pic.


  1. Urgh, your garden photo looks how it's been here for the past goodness-knows-how-many months. This last week has been bright and dry, a wonderful change.

    Hope you're feeling a bit better.

    1. Yes, I know this pic is no biggie for you as you're still 'enjoying' OUR 2011 weather year (near 5 FEET of precip). Feeling somewhat better. Now some side effects from meds. LOL

  2. We finally got some beautiful snow.

    You must be feeling better to tackle that sourdough bread!

    1. Glad you got some nice snow. I probably shouldn't have tried the bread at this point though. I'm sure it shouldn't have been as difficult as this seemed to be. Maybe when my head is clearer I'll try again, when I'm thinking more clearly.


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