Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Not so much!

Winter storm Saturn crept in last night - no fanfare to wake me up - no wind, no sleet rattling against the window flashing.  Nope - just a quiet fall of very pretty snow (3-4" max).

And talk about considerate!  Look at the driveway - since we'd just had 2 sunny days, the warmth from the blacktop didn't allow any accumulation.

Now that's MY kind of storm.

Meanwhile, I've been a busy girl in the kitchen for the last week.

For those of you who don't visit the Chef's Table page (top of right sidebar), I've been experimenting with water kefir.  Two (actually 3) batches so far and I'm hooked! (click the links for pics, etc.)

Kefir 1
Kefir 2
Kefir 3
Kefir 4


  1. Cool pattern on the blacktop :)

    1. That's where all the cracks are.

  2. I like the cracks! Kind of like my patched block all on the barn that I don't think I will adds charm.

  3. Oh, i love water kefir...and milk kefir. i feel so much better since i have been using it.

    1. I'm new to kefir - but am now totally hooked - both water & milk kefir. And it's fun to play around with flavors and fizz. Thanks for stopping by!


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