Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lovely Daylight Saving time Sunday

As I type this, it is over 63F outside!  The sun is warm, though high clouds keep it from being too warm.  I was out in my shirtsleeves for a couple of hours.  I hadn't planned on doing anything worthwhile, but I couldn't miss just sitting on the deck and enjoying the day.

And, as we all know, that sitting down thing still hasn't taken!  So I did a few clean-uppy things:

Pulled up landscape fabric strips from around the fence and stump beds.  That experiment failed miserably and only ended up looking ratty.

Pulled out all the dead kale and parsley plants and recovered all the torn netting (!!deer!!).

Cut off all the dead asparagus ferns from last year as well as the big mess made by the flattened (!!deer!!) tall boneset clump.

Cut back the Nishiki willow and H. F. Young (blue) clematis.  I see the new clematis (Henryi - white) that I overwintered in the large pot (previously occupied by the H. F. Young) has a few buds so hopefully there's good roots down in the pot.

We're supposed to get up to an inch of rain tomorrow and then snow and cold after Tuesday, so to take advantage of the precip, I crawled around and spread HollyTone around all the Canadian hemlocks (14) and the (only 4 now !!deer!!) rhodys.

Also decided it was a good time to overseed the lawn between the gum tree and arbor bed.  The drought really did a job on that area last year.

I know I dinked around some more - just to be outside on such a gorgeous day.  Besides, I needed to distract myself.  I'm still plagued with a lot of numbness, headaches and light-headedness.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with a neurological group and will press for a MRI first and foremost.  With these symptoms, I'm fearful of the results. :-(  Please keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. Oh, Kris, I am keeping my fingers crossed! I was fearful about my chest pains too....

    I will be thinking of you.

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts, Glenda. They never diagnosed me during that hospital stay and my GP is clueless. Times like this I wish I didn't live alone.

  2. I see you have a plague of deer. They are so destructive in their appreciation of your gardens. We have moles, a whole (hole?) different plague. I think our dogs keep the deer away from our place, but alas, gardening with dogs around has its' own set of issues.

    I hope the tests prove you're in great health and your problems are easily resolved.

    1. Hi, Kathy. Yes, the deer (and squirrels) have become plague-like the last couple of years. I've lost so much to both lately and I'm so disheartened. And the law won't let me 'bother' the 'poor things'. Grrr. *sigh* Sorry about your moles (and the dog issues). It's alway something, no? *heh*

      Thanks for the health thoughts. I really appreciate them.

  3. Sorry, I am late to the party, again :{

    How lovely to be having a Springtime clear up in such warmth. I understand your need to keep busy, as you say, the "sitting down" thing didn't take.


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