Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rain, wind, snow, deer - it's all here

Yesterday temps hovered in the low 50s and it sprinkled all day.  Serious rain came last night and there was 3/4" in the rain gauge this morning.  That was good for the grass seed and HollyTone fertilizer.

But last night saw the !!deer!! come back and tear off heavy netting from the yews.  I've protected those yews all winter and now I'm losing them after all.

Right now there's episodes of wet snow and the temps are around freezing - and for the next few days.

Yesterday I met with a neurologist.  How gratifying that he turned out to be blessed with good listening skills!  For almost 45 minutes he listened, made notes, asked questions, discussed my opinions then did a few balance & sensitivity tests.  I felt very comfortable with him and was heartened that he immediately formulated a logical game plan and started scheduling tests.  This morning I headed out for the first test - bloodwork.  Oh my, that was a lot of tubes to fill.

Good thing I've got some good re-hydration ready on hand because (humming an old tune) Someone's in the kitchen with kefir...  (And no, I don't mean Sutherland. *heh*)

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  1. Sounds like you were lucky with your new doctor like I was with the rheumatologist.

    Keep us posted on the results. I hate blood work.....needles.

    Funny (not ha ha funny) that deer would eat the yews. They are highly toxic to cattle. I never toss trimmings into the field.

    1. I would pay good money for something to plant that IS toxic to deer. There probably ARE things, but, obviously the deer don't eat those. (Maybe I could spray them with something yummy? LOL) Funny (not ha ha funny) that due to the numbness on my left side, I don't even feel the blood draw needles now. *sigh*

  2. Pleased to hear you have found the right doctor, someone who will listen to you and not treat you like an idiot, which you certainly are not :}

    Heartbreaking though, that the deer are back and eating the yew. I Googled 'plants poisonous to deer' (as you do), and liked this page:

    Using urine or Ivory soap both make sense .....

    1. I've tried both - utter failure there.


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