Friday, March 15, 2013

Faith and b'gora - Happy Patty's Day

Today dawned bright and cold again.  And noisy.  The house next door is getting new shingles and those guys show up before sunrise!

No prob.  I'd been up early because I had an EMG test at the NeuroCare clinic.

THAT was  *fun*.

They wired up my left arm (elbow to hand) and leg (knee to toe) and sent electrical current through me.  WOW!  Talk about gettin' yer twitch on.  I did NOT enjoy that.  So much so that the next step - poking with a pin - was a piece of cake in comparison.  Total time for the test?  Around 15 minutes.  Fortunately the doctor was just hilarious.  A middle-European gentleman who had the same accent as Gru from "Despicable Me".  "Ve done now wit de shocking und shjerking.  Now we do de poking und pinching."   And at the end, "Now de vipes - to remove de toxic gel."   Honestly, who could worry about the slight pains when you're so busy laughing?

Tests showed only a little carpal tunnel ("...teeny tiny, ve don't even tell anybody...").  Otherwise what he tested all showed normal.  Well, that's something.  Tomorrow - 2 flavors of MRI brain scans.  Oh.... gooooody.  *sigh*

Meanwhile, if you're looking for more Irish green - check out the basement GREENs.

If you're looking for some Irish grub - check out the latest BAKING post.

Otherwise -- though a little early - Happy St. Patty's Day. 


  1. S'funny - have also recently been diagnosed with a carpel tunnel related ailment. Not nice!

    Good luck with the MRI's

    1. I've no symptoms of carpal tunnel - it was only the electronics that showed even that little amount. What we're looking for is what is causing whole parts of my body to go numb. Now THAT's not nice.

  2. Now the carpal tunnel thing has reminded me of something which happened to me years ago - but too convoluted to put in a blog comment. I'm around Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of next week for a chat if I haven't emailed you before then.

    Hope the MRIs go OK.

  3. Glad the tests are showing nothing yet. I have never had any of these tests run.......good luck with the rest of them.

    Happy St. Pat's to you too. You are right in vogue with your Soda breads.

    1. Thanks, Glenda. I'm thinking about and entry about the MRI experience. Have you made any soda bread lately?


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