Monday, March 18, 2013

Thinking positive thoughts

Copy from web - NOT me in the pic
Saturday was grey and gloomy without even a hint of sun or sky.

Still, there was no wind or rain, so it wasn't too bad.

Around 2:00 I went to the hospital and had 2 MRI brain scans; one without contrast dye, one with.

I hadn't had an MRI before and when you see them on medical TV shows, it does look just like this: the sliding platform, the big round machine, the fancy headgear...

What they NEVER show, or indicate, however, is the freaking NOISE that machine makes!  Even with the soft earplugs they gave me and them tucking soft foam next to my ears, the machine is head banging to say the least.

It was like having my head stuffed into a machine gun.  With *pops* and *bangs* and, the worst, *poink poink poink*.  Sheesh.  On top of that the machine chugs and vibrates.  Ever been on a plane or bus and some kid behind you KICKED THE SEAT repeatedly for 500 miles?  Yep.  It was THAT kind of trip.  By the time it was over I knew EXACTLY what an unbalanced load of whites feel like in a chugging wash machine.  I was practically vibrating when I was rolled out.  Thankfully it didn't last more than 15-18 minutes, I think.  And even with the helmet, I never felt claustrophobic inside.  There was plenty of light coming in from the (both open) ends and most of the time I had my eyes closed anyway.

I've not heard any results yet.  Can you believe it?  After all these blood tests, then the EMG and now the 2 MRIs, I don't have a follow-up appointment with the neurologist until the MIDDLE OF APRIL!?!? I won't know ANY of the test results until then?  I sure hope there's nothing GROWING in my head or anything.   I just cannot beLIEVE how I'm left twisting in the wind about these test results.

I understand I can go down to the hospital and request both a copy of the neurologist's report AND they can burn me a CD of the brain scans.  I'm all for that - for all the good it will do me.  *sigh*  Anyway, I've got a smart-guy pal who wonders if they even FOUND something between my ears.  Ha! I'll show HIM! (...hopefully... :-D)


  1. I was with Max when he had one after his heart attack. I think I would panic in that tube! I didn't know about the noise level.....sure hope they don't find anything but that you get to the bottom of this thing soon.

    1. Thanks for keeping tabs on me, Glenda. I have to write up these posts else I'd go crazy worrying about everything. Yeah, it was very noisy in there, but probably no noisier than a spin on a noisy lawn tractor... ;-D

  2. I've had MRI's twice - the second one caused claustrophobia. I loved you description of the noise - spot on :)

    I'd have to go and get a copy - 'cos I wouldn't be able to wait till APRIL!!

    Praying for you.

    1. Thanks for looking in, Dani. I sure appreciate the support! Yeah, I wasn't ever warned about the noise. While I have exceptional hearing, I'm also pretty good at 'tuning out' rhythmic noises. Don't think I could have taken more than 30 minutes of that stuff, though. Still trying to reach hospital records department for info. Will keep you posted.

  3. Yikes .... don't see how it can take nearly a month for the follow up appointment. Think you're very brave, not sure my claustrophobia and hyper-sensitive hearing would have coped well with the experience.

    1. Brave? No. Just doing what has to be done.


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