Friday, March 22, 2013

My FAVorite 'spring green'

You call this SPRING?  The nights have been near teens, the days barely get UP to freezing, and it's been snowing off and on ever since I can remember, with most of next week with the same forecast.  LAST year this time we were SWELTERING in 80 degree weather (which later bit us bad - too many things sprouted and bloomed and were frozen out in April).

So instead of even thinking about outside chores (thank goodness, I'm really not able to do that stuff right now), I spend more time in the kitchen.  I'm rolling spelt tortillas, baking soda bread, and still having lots of fun with kefir.  It's practically magic.  They multiply like bunnies.  I've had to throw away cups of these things.  I wish I could grown money like this!

While there is nothing really green outside in the gardens or deep in the folds of my wallet, my FAVORITE spring green is baa-aaack.

Country Cones (just a stone's throw down the street) is open for Spring (albeit abbreviated hours due to the harsh cold weather).  So I stopped after my post office run and brought home the first (*sigh* of many) cartons of hand-packed ice cream.  Here's my very favorite --

KEY LIME PIE ice cream.  It's just loaded with chewy keylime pie custard and lots of graham cracker crust.  Sweet & tangy and totally addictive.

*mmmmmmmm*  You can keep your vernal equinox.  I'll take the opening of the ice cream stand to mark the season any time.  Happy Spring!

P.S.  And should there be a slip betwixt the spoon and the lip - cleaning up will be a breeze.  Check out my new kitchen toy (<= here).


  1. Spring is indeed the most frustrating time of year. I don't want a repeat of last year's warmup, that ended up killing most of my fruit trees when normal weather returned, but this year is equally frustrating. We've had 2 FEET of lake-effect snow in the past 3 days. I don't think I will EVER see yard this year. So, like you, I've been cooking and baking and making the best of the "indoor" time. Because, if the snow ever DOES melt, I've got so many jobs to do outside I may never see the inside of the house again.
    Happy Spring!

    1. Yep, I'd rather have the even temps, if cold, vs last year's early summer blast. I lost many perennials. I'm like you, too. I seldom even see the inside of the house, let alone clean if I can be outside. Happy Spring to you too! :-D


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