Monday, March 25, 2013

Vernal 'Virgil' vigil

All was clear when I went to bed last night.  Then sneaky spring storm Virgil came in - no noise, no wind, no rattling of the windows.  Just dropping a whopping big smothering blanket of heavy snow (note the collapsed rhody leaning against the front arbor - that thing just has no spine whatsoever *sigh*).

Looks like almost 6" of dense snow. My little snowblower won't dent this stuff, so I've given a shout-out to friend Craig and his snow blade for help. We're expecting another 3-4" of snow today, too. Hope I don't have to go anywhere....  Even the birds shouldn't expect a seed reload any time soon.  Sorry.

For another example of unseasonal Ohio weather - here's a pic from LAST March 19th's post.

It was in the 70s & 80s during a freaky 2-week span of early summer.

Then freezing temps in April hit and lots of these beauties were set back or killed off outright.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Ohio weather - not for wimps!


  1. Oh, would love that snow... :)

    Know it's been around far too long as far as you're concerned, but think of all those who don't have access to water - how a bucket of melted snow might help them ;)

  2. Oh, bummer. It's beautiful. It's free fertilizer. It's good moisture for the ground. It's the PITS this time of year.

  3. We have a little less snow than this but we have had our weekly snow storm every Sunday-Monday for seven weeks now. It is pretty but I am ready to get out into the garden and work.

  4. I've just received some photos from a dear friend in St Louis - looks like they had even more snow than you :{

    Despite reports that the UK has another 'Snowmaggedon' Bag End remains green but bitterly cold. Will be glad when this easterly wind goes away.

    Hope your white blanket goes away quickly.

  5. You got way more than we did. At least it is insulating the plants and maybe the bloom buds will be protected; I am trying to find the silver lining in all this white stuff......

  6. All - a lot of the snow melted by afternoon, especially that on the walkways and blacktop. There is still icy snow on the lawns, but as long as all the streets are open, everything's good. :-D


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