Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Walda Effect

The first wave of Walda-generated storms started around noon, yesterday while I was having lunch with a friend.  We'd entered the restaurant to bright weather.  An hour later we came out to deep dark, lightning, and a raging downpour.  We were stunned. (The restaurant had no windows and we never heard thunder.)

The rest of the day went from there.  Wave after wave of storms - with furious lightning like I'd never seen.  It was like being under a monster fluorescent bulb with a very bad ballast.  It never got dark, but flickered constantly.  The thunder was so close together it was just a rolling noise.

Mid-Ohio was under a trail of training storms, one after another.  Each with tons of water.  I think I finally dozed off around 4:00 a.m. when it finally got quiet.  It's very foggy this morning and the radar shows another line of rain bearing down on us.

I checked the raingauge this morning:  over 2.5" since yesterday noon.

Oh wow.  I hiked back to the shed, found both of the barrels had overflowed, and had to re-attach the 'dump' tubes to the downspout so the overflowing barrels didn't continue to swamp the foundation of the shed.

I could have filled EVERY barrel (6) yesterday had they all been hooked up!

The rain is welcome - although spreading it out over a few days would have saved a lot of flash flooding, I'm sure.  Still, we haven't had rain for a couple weeks and what with the plants trying to sprout bud or bloom, a deep soaking like this will do wonders for the gardens.

As for me - I'm kinda ticked that amid all the electronics they sent me for this freaking heart monitor I'm wearing - why didn't they to send me SURGE PROTECTOR? (Now... where's that patient comment form...)


This week hasn't all been surge protectors and cell phones.  Nope.  For some REAL fun, check out what I've been up to in the GARAGE.  I can only imagine the kind of readings the cardio team has been charting for the past 4 days....

Garage step 1
Garage step 2
Garage step 3


  1. Your rain is headed my way and I'm thrilled. I'm going to let 2 of my barrels fill (206 gals) while the other 3 are still free flowing til May. You need a surge protector? Wrap your monitors in marshmallows. :o)

    1. While I doubt that marshmallows would protect the stuff hanging around my neck, at least the EMTs can make s'mores as they rush me to the burn unit. *snark*

  2. Sorry I've been AWOL :{ Busy here (in a good way) and not much time or inclination to use the PC at the end of the day.

    This, coupled with my inability to stay on top of email and respond promptly to your messages, makes me a completely cr*p friend
    - sorry :{

    That's a serious amount of rain you've got there. We're due a bit, high wind right now which is to be expected because I set out the four large obelisks this afternoon but haven't fixed ground spikes yet - wonder how many will have crashed to the ground by tomorrow morning?


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