Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Basket case

Yesterday, after a morning at the hospital for mamo's & ultrasounds (fingers crossed for neutral outcomes), I stopped at yet another Dollar Tree store and cleaned them out of colorful wire wastebaskets.  Yep - 28 of them.  (They are only $1 at Dollar Tree.  At Dollar General they were $1.50 - hardly ANYthing at Dollar General was actually just a dollar.)

Anyway, when it's not so hot and humid,  I can plant out more zins, etc.

They'd promised us rain this week.  So far - nothing.  It either goes north or south or, when it's coming right at us from the west, it dissipates.   Very dissappointing.  Things are starting to dry out and I could use a couple of soakers back on the grass seed in the veg-bed-that-never-was.

Late afternoon:

Yay!  Some thundershowers! 

Better yet, it started down right AFTER I'd emptied one of the rain barrels watering plants.  It was empty, clean and ready for a refill.

And the temps have tumbled - from 86 to 73.  Now that's niiiice!


  1. We are JUST NOW getting our first rain in 10 days. I'm so glad. We also watched ominous clouds passing by for days with nothing falling. So frustrating when things are so dry!

    1. When I look at National radar, there is so much color on the map, but seldom does it find it's way here! Glad you are getting some water - hope it amounts to something. Do you catch in barrels?

    2. Hi Kris
      I have 3 huge stock tanks I get water in, but when you go for such LONG periods with no rain, even those go empty on me.
      We ended up with on 5/100th inch of rain.....barely wet the pavement and did nothing for the tanks. Sigh.
      Maybe next week............
      I suppose I'll have to look at it this way---every day is sunny. La dee da.

    3. Oh you poor dear. Hope there's some encores in your future, ones with better delivery!

  2. If the deer are stupid enough to try to munch on these I hope it is as horrible for them as it is if we get a tiny piece of tinfoil between our teeth!

    Fingers crossed for good outcomes of your tests :}

    1. Already, though, the zins are growing through the top of the baskets. I'm going to have to nip them back, forcing them to bush from the bottom. They need more substance before I'll let them go naked. Thanks for the good thoughts.


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