Friday, June 28, 2013

Nuthin' but net

We've gotten almost 2.5 inches of rain since Tuesday. Yay!  So on a 'good' day, I planted some more of my annuals.

I decided since I didn't want to haul water to the butterfly bed, I'd put something really drought (and, hopefully, DEER) tolerant there.  Marigolds.

To give them a decent start, though, I did cover these tenders with baskets.

Other good news - bean sprouts!  This was my 3rd (and FINAL) attempt at getting some bush beans this year.  The first 2 plantings just rotted in the soil.  So this time I sprouted them in moist paper towels.  Even then, most of the seeds rotted.  (I won't buy from Dumont's again.  This is the 3rd year where there seeds failed.)

I had enough sprouts to start a pot for Mom for snacking.  I netted that one right up.  I draped nylon net over those that went into the garden, but the moment they poked up, something tore through the nets and began digging up the sprouts.  So I covered them with my wire baskets(actually from an old closet insert).  That will keep out birds and squirrels. Chipmunks, however, (should they be the culprit) could squeeze in there.  Fingers crossed.

Finally, since I HAVE a lot of baskets now, I did something fun.  I cut out the bottom of a basket and slid it over my potted parsley plant.  Now the rain doesn't beat down the leaves and keeps them clean.

It also looks nice, I think. Eventually the plant will most likely get full and tall, but the basket will still be a good way to support the stalks.

For more veg bed update - click this pic. => 

Still no result news from the mamos/ultrasounds.  And I'm in no hurry to take a tilt table test.  I'm sooo burned out from seeing so many doctors with so little results.  I'd like to take a break....


P.S.  This is my 400th Post on this page.  :-D


  1. Congrats on 400 :)

    Clever - parsley cage / support.

    1. With all this rain, the plant is doing much better with support. :-D

  2. Remember you can take a break from all the is your decision.

    The plants are all looking very good. We need some of your rain.

    1. Now that my friend is back from vacation, I will probably have the tilt table test since she will accompany me. We've gotten nearly 7" of rain in June - well spaced over the weeks. Temps are cool, though. Too bad the plant growth can't compete with the deer.


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