Thursday, July 25, 2013

Seeing a little more clearly now

As you can see, this summer has seen a number of rainy days compared to last year. Good news is that the drought-stressed lawns of last year are now lush and verdant and need cutting every week (thank goodness my friend is mowing it 90% of the time this year).

Bad news is that the weeds are having a hey-day while I'm keeping myself on a reduced work load. At least some plants here in the arbor bed have escaped the deer and grown tall enough to outshine the weeds.  Look at 'em -- blooming their little buds out.

Kitchen window view - July 2013

As for me, I'm relieved that it has been almost 6 weeks since my last totally debilitating spell of whatever it is that ails me.  I am still dizzy/woozy most of the time and am trying to get a tilt-table test set up and will let you know about that one.  Otherwise I'm keeping calm,  my appetite is about normal and I've even put on a couple of much-needed pounds.

On days when I feel almost normal, I let myself play in the yard - but not to the point getting overly tired or stress my back and/or neck.  I'm very glad I got in those late zins along the driveway.  They are starting to bloom and those pops of color are just lovely!


And I've posted about another household adventure on that page.  Check it out.


  1. Wow-everything looks great--so lush and green.
    We are dry dry dry up here. The lawn has burnt off completely.
    Glad you've been feeling "better".
    Do you eat organically? That was key to my recovery. Expensive, yes. But I'm off all meds now and feeling terrific, so I guess I've saved money.

    1. Yep, pretty lushy out there. The deer are loving it. Thank goodness I snapped these pics. They came that very night and, well, you know the drill... *sigh*

      I eat homegrown organic first, then store bought ... after that local... Good food is money well spent.


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