Thursday, July 18, 2013

Naked and afraid

I see that there is another asinine reality TV show: Naked and Afraid.  A man and woman, cast away to fend for themselves - must survive on their own - all without the benefit of clothing.  *yawn*   What next to titillate the masses of bored and moronic? Cannibal cuisine?

Meanwhile, for some REAL 'naked and afraid' stuff, check out my zins.  They got too big for the baskets so two days ago I bit the bullet and removed their safety covers.

Oh, my babies!

I kept my fingers crossed.  Last year the zins were spared.  But this year other plants that had been spared then too, were being chewed up this year.  I don't know if the zins are bitter enough to survive.

The morning after their first night out, I was relieved to find no damage.

Alas, the 2nd morning saw that a couple of the plants had had all their growing tips chewed off!

I put out 3 varieties of zins:

Cut'n'come again (big),
Lilliput (almost as tall but with smaller blooms)
and my new fave, Thumbelina.  They are supposed to only go 6" but last year, even in the drought, got closer to 14".

Bon chance, mes enfants.


Meanwhile - first veg harvest pics on the Vegetable page (link on sidebar).


  1. Darn deer!
    I'm having much better luck this year, but they still got a bunch of my sunflowers. This is war!
    And I'm afraid I'm not winning it.........

    1. We need to start a campaign: EAT MORE VENISON!

    2. P.S. Sorry to see on your blog that you are already calling it quits on your gardening for the year. Yes, it's been a frustrating couple of seasons and if anyone could have made it work, it would have been you. So sad to see all those beds gone bust. Since I can't comment there, I'll ask here if you are going to try any fall crops (carrots, Brussels sprouts, broc, etc.)?

  2. Deer spears! My Button Box zins were supposed to be a foot tall and are 2 ft tall instead! Check out my Garden Love column. :o)

  3. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your zinnias! I thought about chicken wire looped over them and then thought that would look 'crappy' .... not much you can do with deer troubles.

    That is why I don't watch TV.....where do they come up with these ideas???

  4. I have a post coming up in a week or with this same theme. :o) Your title reminded me of a friend who likes to watch that show while naked. It's his brain candy. I've never seen the show but anything idiotic seems to be popular, unfortunately.


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