Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It's been kind of an odd growing year.  April was pleasant with occasional rain.  Then May was dry and hot.  Then we got some rain in June (about 5+").  But nights were cool, sometimes into low 40s.

Now July is temp-wise okay - low 80s.  But it rains all the time.  Not like 2011 when we got record rainfall that year.  That year we'd get 1-2" rains at a time, then 3-5 days of sunshine and everything got to dry out.

But this year - it's always wet and damp and sodden.

Already we've had over 5" of rain in July.  And when we aren't getting measurable rainfall, we're getting sprinkles and drizzles and quick showers so everything is suffering from damp.  Even the house.  Though I run the a/c, the relative humidity inside is still in the 70s.

And another downside - the persistent, depressing, oppressive gloom from so much heavy air and dark skies.

The larkspurs/delphiniums are rotting (there is no deer damage here).  The blue flax is yellowing and not blooming, the lavenders are not enjoying having their feet wet and foliage beaten down my heavy water.

Even the potted plants (geraniums) are getting spots and loosing leaves from lack of bright, warm DRYING sunshine.

The aloe plant succumbed to root rot.

Monday we got .5".  Yesterday a.m. we got .6" and then in the evening we got .8" and then last night we got another 1.2".  It's gotten so that I have to BAIL OUT the rainbarrels because they are overflowing (just from rain, no downspouts are attached to them these days) and running into the garage (the water, not the barrels *heh*). 

Maybe I'll just dump them out.  They certainly aren't getting any use this year.  ('Course maybe that WOULD dry up the skies... shall we risk it?)

Oh, and look!  Radar!  Orange and reds coming out way again today.  *sigh*

About the only thing enjoying these wet conditions is the grass I planted back in the never-used veg bed.  It's growing like crazy and that usually doesn't happen with grass in the middle of summer.

*glub*  *glub*

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  1. We don't get much in the way of rains, but the problem this year for me is the cool temps. I don't really WANT heat, but my tomatoes could sure use the it!

    I think emptying the rain barrels guarantees a drought. Don't know if I'd risk it--but if you're tired of rain, go for it-LOL!

    1. Another 3/4" yesterday. *glub* I may empty at least the barrels back by the shed. I'm not really gardening back there. I religiously watered Joe Pye back there last year and they did come up - only to me eaten to nubs by the deer. Why bother, I say.... *sigh*

      And yep, cool summer weather and colder nights doesn't let the soil warm well or do the plants much good. Hang in there!

  2. You definitely can get too much rain......not us though.
    I remember one year we did and it really affected things; some negatively.

    We did finally get 2 inches day before yesterday and that was our first in 24 days! We have been running in the mid-90's too.

    We have no control over it we just go with the 'flow'.

    1. Just a little too much 'flow' these days. 5.5" over 11 days. Thankfully the cold front (the one that brought you the 2" of rain) is suppose to move out the wet and let us have some dry sunshiny days for a while. Glad you got some rain, I know you needed it!

  3. We got 15 inches in June and It looks like we're continuing to pattern in July. Plus we're heading into hurricane season.

    I think my garden is doomed this year.

    1. Time for a rice paddy? No, really I commiserate with you. Sounds like you're having the year we had in 2011 - almost 60 inches of precip and broke the records. Hopefully the perennial roots will survive and come back next year.


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