Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ah, September

While the rest of the summer months were having identity issues (too hot, too cold, too cloudy, etc), September arrived, self-assured, unperturbed and got right down to business.  Bright blue skies, dry breezes from the North (thank you jet stream), air so clear that every leaf and blade of grass gleams like it was new in Spring.  Sunglasses a must!

The past 3-4 days it never quite reached 70 during the day and the nights have dipped into the 40s (only 44F this morning).  That part is a little early this year, but I'll take that over muggy 70F+ nights any day of the week.  This month I'm back to being outside in long pants and denim shirts.  Hot lunches instead of salads and soup stock simmering on the stove.  I've gotten the chimney cleaned and now thoughts turn toward firewood delivery and getting the furnace checked.  October will be a working month - cleaning the beds and wrangling tons of leaves.

But not that.  Not yet.  September is usually kind.

It's great time in the garden.  While the grass hasn't ever gone dormant this year (due to a cool summer) the shrubs and crabapples got to keep their leaves throughout the whole season.  It's time to sit and swing and enjoy the blooms.  The tomato situation is under control (I've got what I want and give away the rest); the veg bed is giving me handfuls of this-n-that every day (beans, peppers, kale) - enough for fresh eating.  It's a good time to enjoy the weather - this between month.  This lull between frequent lawn mowing and the soon-to-come heavy-duty leaf cleanup/mulching.

Also a good time for some fun, outdoor projects while it's cool and dry.

See? Look.  The lumber fairy was here this week.

What's it for?  If you have to ask, then *tsk tsk* you've not been keeping up with current events on the Garden Projects Page.  CLICK HERE.  

How are YOU liking September so far?


  1. September has always been my very favorite month. I've never been a fan of summer. I wish autumn lasted for months, but around here , it's usually about 6 weeks.

    I chuckled--lumber fairy. So cute!
    Around here, we have the "towel fairy", the "pie fairy", the "blueberry fairy". My husband thinks a lot of fairies hang out here-LOL!

    1. There's something energizing about September. Must be the clear skies, brisk air and bright stars at night. No wonder the fairies are so active right now....

  2. So far our September is acting like our normal July, high 90's and 70's. I am on a holding pattern for October to do much serious outside work.

    I had to refresh myself about the lumber and fencing project. I look forward to seeing your arch and gate design.

    1. Wow, sorry you aren't enjoying some cooler temps. I sorta melt when it's in the 90s.

      Had some real progress on the fence - and a design change today. A post is forthcoming.


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