Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New views

One of the benefits of finding new spots to sit here at the Sanctuary is to be able to discover new views.  Or, sometimes, the lack of view which can trigger a 'view' project.

As you've read on my garden page about my latest project this past weekend (what?  you didn't?  then CLICK HERE.  read up.  g'head.  I'll wait....)  There.  All caught up?

I'd always thought that the mature crabapple along the property line would make a lovely sitting area - had it not bordered on the pitiful mess of a neighboring yard.

But, with the new fence in the offing, I've tidied up the tree and removed a lot of dead wood.

Then I brought in the colorful chairs/table of the aforesaid Labor Day project and set them up to good advantage.

Here's a shot from the turnaround over the border shrubs and then under the crabapple.  Don't those colors just pop?

Sitting on those chairs is equally pleasant.

Here's the view to the left: a shot down the 'lane' between the veg/privacy fence bed and the zin border bed leading out to the arbor bed.

Here's the view to the right - the driveway and border shrubs.

Ah.  A little paint.  I little clipping.  And a whole lot of fence work (to come) will certainly spruce up this area and make sitting here in the shade very nice on sunny days.

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