Saturday, November 16, 2013

Seasonal stuff - winding down

Another busy couple of days.

1. made sure that the snow blower was in good working order and tank filled, ready for use

2. deck/garden chairs, small benches and all wire/plastic baskets to shed

3. cut back perennials in bird bath bed

4. moved neighbors pile of oak leaves to both birdbath bed & holding bin back by shed

5. cleaned gutters (the ones I can reach) - again

6. loaded garden wagon with firewood for easy access

7. layered current compost

8. mowed/ shredded current leaves under magnolia & sweet gums

As you can see in the new banner pic - it's looking pretty bare out in back.  *sigh*

I will keep Snapper in the garage until all leaves mowed/ shredded/ stored, then move it to the shed and bring the battery back to the basement for winter trickle charging (although I may need a new battery next year - this one is dated 2011 and this time of year it won't turn over easily unless I've left it in the sun to warm up first).

Another front is moving in Sunday and then the temps plummet again so I have absolutely NO plans of going outside.  I've earned a good day in! :-D  Now ... where's that new remote. :-D


  1. I just love a good productive day-----and it appears you do too! I wish I could have motivated myself to do something,....anything this weekend. I had a serious case of the lazys (lazies?--I don't know-my spell checker doesn't like ANY of those versions-LOL)
    You deserve a rest after all that. Have fun!

    1. Yep, me too, although such days didn't take so long to recoup before. *sigh* How can you be lazy? You've been traveling all around. You must have driven very close to me if you've been to Lehmans! Ya shoulda stopped by.

    2. Oh, how cool is that! Have you been to Lehmans? I'm so glad I DON'T live near it---could spell trouble! Seriously, I don't even LIKE shopping, but that place was just my cup o'tea. I love housewares and kitchen items. Hubby had to DRAG me outta there.
      You live in a very scenic area!

    3. Yeah, that place was JUMPING during the Y2K scare -- everyone got ready for the end of the world. It IS nice country around here and can't imagine living anywhere else.

  2. That trickle charging is something I want to set up asap. My mowers will not start when the temps drop.

    I like to bare, fall look.....always have; maybe because it means there is nothing out there shouting for me.

    1. I call it a trickle charge, but it's really a 'float' charge. People use it in cold climates to 'top off' car/boat batteries between use and in cold weather. Harbor Freight - $9.00 or less.

      I need more evergreens in the back for winter interest. Those are on my list for next spring.


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