Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quiet Birthday

There is still snow and ice outside although bright sunshine.  And there's a brisk NW wind blowing leaves around too.

I'm just as glad I'm inside today, having a quiet day to mark my birthday.  I've had more than I care to count and it's nice just to have some time to do a few things (laundry), simmer up a pot of soup (split pea & lentil), and enjoy my present to myself.

Last week I gave myself the go ahead to replace one or two things that are really falling apart.

One is my camera.  The zoom doesn't work and the battery compartment has to be taped because the clip is broken.  I've had it for a couple of years - a gift from a friend who upgraded.

The other is my TV.  I bought it new only 5 years ago and for the past year it has developed a large purple splotch in the upper right corner.  It's really annoying.  Not just the splotch, but that it actually HAS a splotch.  TVs used to last really long.

While I tried to replace both, it just didn't work out, (Best Buy is really a misnomer!) so replaced only one item right now.

And the winner, from BJs,  is.....

A new 24" Samsung LED TV/monitor.  Big, bright, and sooo streamlined.  The sound quality is excellent and the picture is gorgeous.  Now I can really enjoy shows like Castle and Bones. ;-D

The new TV really looks much better than the photo here.  After all, I shot it with the taped up Canon. *heh*

Another thing, the old TV weighed like 500 pounds and took up a lot of room.  The new slim one looks like a sculpture sitting on the tapestry bench.  

So I've got sunshine, hot soup, and some good shows to catch up on. 

(Gosh, David Boreanaz is WAY better looking than I thought! Hmm, going to have to watch the BBC station for some Star Trek: Next Gen shows.  Can't wait to check out Patrick Stewart in HDMI.  :-D )

Yep, really looking forward to getting the gardens all cleaned up and then head inside for some quality time in the comfy chair with the new remote!


  1. Many Happies, Kris :)

    It sounds like you gave yourself the ideal birthday gift - especially given the time of the year - a TV will be moreuseful than a camera at this point in time - and it could've been quite unconfortable to snuggle up with your camera on those cold winters' days.

    Guess you'll be saving electricity too - with a newer model TV :)

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Dani. :-D Yes, the new TV is energy star rated and uses a mere pittance in electricity and I'm very happy about that.

  2. Happy Birthday , Kris!
    Hope you get lots of good use out of the new tv.
    I agree--things used to last a LOT longer. Are companies REALLY that desperate for profits that they have to make everything 'throwaway"?
    Sad commentary on our modern world.
    But enough negativity---hope you had a wonderful day.
    And is Santa getting you the camera? I love buying my own gifts. I always get exactly what I want-LOL!

    1. Thanks, Sue! Yep, stuff is not getting better, but worse. I remember office stuff back in the 60s - you could run a tank over an adding machine and not hurt it. LOL I'll have to do my own Santa shopping for the camera. Good thing my first name is Kris. ;-D

  3. Happy Birthday! The quiet ones are my favorite kind.

    Glad you got the new TV. We were amazed at how light weight they are. We could barely get our old one out of the house!

    Good luck with the new camera hunt. Check out Amazon. They are go to place for everything!

    1. And once I got an HDMI cable to replace the coax, my GOSH the picture/sound got brilliant! What kind of camera are you using, Glenda. Your pics always look good.


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