Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cold rain, hot soup

We got almost an inch of rain yesterday early a.m.

Then a nice lull before the real front came through.

The front was really windy with 2 heavy downpours.

Everything was drenched, but at least the there was no more rain in sight.

Not only did the front bring all the weather drama but, apparently, a flock of birds.

I was washing dishes and there was a dark flutter right outside.  Suddenly there was a flock of starlings squabbling over the suet cake on the deck while others were overcrowding the bird feeder.  These are the first I've seen since Fall.

When I returned with my camera I then saw that a lot of the flock were actually robins!  They were all over the still-fruited crabapples.  

Those not in a tree were tearing through the leaf mulch and under the perennial stalks.  Such a ruckus!

Well, after all that activity, I retreated to the kitchen and rustled up some hot lunch.  Click the pick for details. 

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  1. Looks like an absolutely perfect day for soup! Nothing better than soup.


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