Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Respite & dark of the moon

Yesterday started dark and gloomy and wet.  By noon, however, the clouds scudded away and the sun came out.  Even though it never got out of the high 30s, it was a good day to get some stuff done outside.  Lord knows I needed to get outside after all this winter weather.

I've noticed that ever since I resealed the deck to waterproof it, it's been very icy this season.  That's because we're often getting rain just before a freeze.  Even the slightest wet turns the deck into a real hazard to walk on.  We got a freeze several days ago and for 3 days it was really dicey just to walk out to feed the birds.  But no way was I going to ruin the sealant by spreading salt or any other melting chemical on it.

So I bought a large squeegee.  Now when the deck gets wet and a freeze is coming (and it's not the middle of the night), I push off the puddles (even the slightest sprinkle).

There, safe - at least for now.

I also took the opportunity to refill the garage firewood rack and wagon.  It's not going above freezing for at least the next 5 days (only high 20s now).  I'm good for some nice fires for a while.

I also blew out the garage - it was full of leaves.  The new neighbors next door never picked up any of their leaves (other than the front yard), so all winter the wind has blown their leaves all over here.  Drifts of them. Every time I open the garage door they scuttle in.  I hope those guys get their act together next year.  I'm sure the other owners up and down the street are hoping too.

Last night the sky was clear for a while so I was lucky to spend some time just gazing at the moon and the incredibly bright display Jupiter was putting on.  When the front moved in, the forerunning cirrus clouds made a dazzling rainbow display in the moonlight.  What a show.

This morning I was backing up the blog and spent some time reviewing the stats.  While I seldom get comments, I see I do get a fair amount of traffic.  Some real 'regulars' come in from Lima & Reynoldsburg, Ohio as well as London, Ontario.  Thanks, guys, for stopping by so often.  Say  'Hi' sometime. :-D

The rest of today is going to involve some early Spring cleaning.  Not my favorite activity, but I didn't get much done last Spring when I was so ill.  Time for some catchup.   Later, all.

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  1. Kris - I reslised last winter that one can never have too much fitewoodbto hand, especially if onr relies on it for all you warmth / cooking.

    Love your firecart :D

    Stay warm.


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