Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lovely lunch on a cold day

High winds, bitter temps (10F -- and dropping), and snow in the forecast.  It's been like that for days.

So what a treat when a friend phoned up today saying she'd be in town and hoped she could drop by.

Oh yes indeedy!

I didn't have much time before she arrived, but managed to put together something hot and attractive for lunch: split pea & ham soup, chicken salad/sprout sandwiches and fresh fruit salad.

Click the pic to see how I made the soup.

The lunch was much appreciated, but it was the visit itself that was the highlight.  It was nice to share a meal and chat and catch up from the holidays.

It's always nice when I get a surprise visit like this.  I do get kinda tired of making myself a meal tray just to eat in front of the TV.  Sometimes it's hard to be creative with food when it's just myself - but as you can see on the Chef's Table page, I do my best. *heh*  Still, when you get to share a meal,  the food is better, the candle's brighter and the day, no matter the weather, is always fine.

How about you?  Do you eat better when you're with others? 

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  1. What a beautiful spur of the moment meal! Lucky friend. Your table settings are always perfect.

    I don't know if you visit Lorraine (Flowerlady)'s blog but she recently lost her husband and cooks wonderful meals for one. I really admire her for that alone.



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