Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bitter wind, drifting snow

This winter the arctic circle has slipped well into Ohio. Polar cold again this week (neg double digits), winds 20-45mph, deep snow.

No wonder I'm so depressed these days. There seems no light at the end of this tunnel.

============== later

Just spent over an hour getting 6+ inches of snow off the driveway during a lull in the snowing and blowing.  *woof*

Then, only minutes later - whiteout!   And it's lasted over 20 minutes already.  Sure glad I dug out the previous snow....


 Think I'm exaggerating?  Watch the vid....

So much for all that hard work on the driveway.  Oh well, at least there was something nice waiting for me in the kitchen.   CLICK HERE for details.


  1. Ah, Kris - that is so beautiful.

    Always strange to see the opposite weather to what we are experiencing.

    Hang in there, Spring is just around the corner...

    1. So bitter cold and wind that I've got ice on the insides of some windows - and they are 'top of the line' to boot. *chatter*

  2. I`ve spent the first few hours in my garden today, digging over some veg beds,
    removing unwanted bind weed roots and preparing a well composted area for a
    pumpkin plant as well as any tomatoes I want to grow this year. I`m well ahead of things, not as unprepared as last year. But, you never know, we could still get snow
    between now and March. Weather is so unpredictable and out of sorts. We had far too much rain in the last few weeks, and more is forecast again for tomorrow. I don`t envy you with all that snow. This year we have hardly used the central heating, much to our delight. As finances are tight we are glad that we didn`t have to heat the house so much.

    1. My central heat has been running since early November even though I've turned the temp way down. Just got my gas bill. EEK. This weather is demoralizing. And just when we think it can't get worse - it gets worse. I envy you your mild gulf-stream temps over there. Enjoy your gardening. :-D

  3. Kris,it is hard to believe how you keep getting hit over and over again. The video was like being there with you. We are expecting cold again after today....haven't heard anything about precip. I do know we are getting dry and have had burn warnings out for a couple of weeks now.

    1. Yep, it's getting old here. Wish I could send you a few tons of snow for your drought.


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