Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting deeper

After a weekend working clearing the driveway, I went to bed, encouraged by forecasts for wind and cold, but no more snow.

They lied.

Even this very minute it's snowing heavily - yet the radar shows no precip in the area.

Stealth snow?  That's just not fair.

Can you see the driveway?  No?  Well, I can't either!  *fume*

Howling wind.  Temps tumbling into -12 later.  I'm NOT going out there again!

Back to the kitchen.

======== later ====

So I lied.  I cleaned the driveway.

The snowblower would not start, so I had to do it by hand.

At least nothing was falling out of the sky - which was electric blue.

It's sooo good to see the sun again, even if the wind chills are -15F right now.


  1. Oh my goodness! I can`t even imagine cold temperatures like - 15 C. That's real freezing. We have rain, rain and more rain here in the south of Britain at the moment, and chillier conditions forecast for later in the week. We have + 7 C at the moment during the day, with frost expected during the next few nights. I`m sure that is mild compared to what you are going through. Keep warm and save.

    1. Here -7F tonight (would be -24C in metric). The wind chills are supposed to get to -30F tonight. Brrr is right! I'm sure staying inside. And you're right... 7C sounds downright balmy to me right now. :-D

  2. Kris, we are cold too but not that cold! Still no snow. Be careful cleaning that drive by hand......

    8° tonight and tomorrow night for negatives...yet.

    1. If the snow is deep or wet/heavy, I just leave it. But if it's only a couple of inches I can just PUSH it aside. Otherwise I'll call for help. It was nice to get outside in the sunshine. You just can't imagine how dark and dreary it's been around here this winter. Very depressing. Keep warm.


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