Monday, January 6, 2014

ION - Positively NOT entertaining!

The frequent warnings were really hyper about storm ION.  It was huge stretching, once again, from Mexico to Maine.  They had predicted we would get 6-8" of snow in our area, but the warmth persisted and, instead, we got about 1/2" of rain.  Then it all froze and got covered with a couple inches of snow.  Temps went from high 30s to single digits by this morning.  It's still dropping and the wind is getting fierce.

It's really treacherous what with the ice and the wind chill.  If you don't have to go outside, don't.  As bad as today is, they are predicting -11 tonight (as opposed to earlier predictions of -17). Tomorrow will only get single digits.

Meanwhile, during the nice weather Saturday, the good neighbors brought over their discarded Christmas tree for me to use as a winter roost for the birds.  I never got around to driving in a post to tie it to this Fall, what with the early snow, etc.  So I found I could just jamb the tree between the frozen covered glider and the frozen metal window well I use as a plant stand.  It's been holding up in spite of the winds.

The little birds are already using it for cover.  Bigger birds have also found it.  I saw the marsh hawk trying to get at something deep in the branches yesterday, but didn't seem to have much luck.  Ah well, everybody needs to eat.

Today and tomorrow I'll be tucked inside, warm and dry.  Yesterday I took Mother out for groceries so she is all settled in too.  As for me - it's soup and a fire day (in between household chores which know NO type of weather).

Hang in there ... 40s predicted later in the week.  Sheesh what a winter this is.


  1. Jeez, my comment just went into orbit.

    Glad you are cozy inside and enjoying delicious soup. It is the best place to be.
    We are all enjoying the benefits of a polar vortex!

    1. Probably a polar orbit. Brrr. Only -12F here and the wind is wicked. The furnace is really working these days. Supposed to get into the 40s by weekend, though. That'd be good. Stay warm down there. Watch those pipes.


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