Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Some GREEN in the gloom

We're in a lull right now weather-wise.

No big storm in the offing.  A little snow coming our way, but only a dusting (*fingers crossed*).

The bitter polar vortex is retreating (up to 15F ... yay!).

So what's a gal to gab about if not the weather?  (Yeah, my life is that drab.)

How about doing something fun in the basement?

Click the pic to go to the 2014 premier post on the plant propagation page.

How about you?  Fed up with winter yet?


  1. I got fed up the minute I had to wear a coat to the barn!!!

    1. Oh good grief. I'm wear a hooded sweatshirt in the house!

  2. Fed up with the rain and storms we are having lately. It`s been with us her in the UK for weeks on end now. Many places are flooded here and folk have lost homes and business premises through it. I`m lucky not to be affected by the floods where I live, but I`m still fed up with the winter storms here. Had damage done to my lean-to shed roof and fence panels blown over that divide my garden from next doors. There are repair works looming in the spring I could have done quite frankly without, given my financial circumstances. What keeps me going is the thoughts of a pre-paid holiday coming up in October this year. I`m once again Morocco bound, so DB and myself are constantly talking about it and planning outings whilst there.
    If we could afford it or had a chance of winning the lottery in a reasonable way we would be buying a property there to retire to. The air is clear, the atmosphere is great, the heat is a dry heat that we both can tolerate very well, and the rainfall over there only happens for around 4 days a year. My kind of place to be sitting out on a roof terrace till late at night and eating much more healthy foods al-fresco style. Dreaming about another fabulous holiday for us is what keeps us from getting
    too frustrated with the damp and stormy conditions here in the UK. I haven`t even started to think about seed sowing yet or even any other gardening for that matter. The ground here is so saturated with water at present that you dare not even think about setting foot outside into the garden. My thoughts are wondering off to Marrakech where we were very happy last September. Can`t wait to go there again!

    1. Gosh, I haven't been on a trip/vacation since 1990. I'd forgotten about that. 3" of fresh snow last night, but heavy rain forecasted for tonight. This winter is a real roller coaster. Thankfully I have good windows and a newer furnace so I'm warm and dry. Keep dreaming of Marracech - stay warm.


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