Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fresh hell coming

As Sheldon (TBBT) would say, "Oh what fresh hell is this?"

Maximus was of little consequence - a little freezing rain, some sleet and then maybe an inch or two of snow that evaporated in the bright (but still well below freezing) days that followed.  Most of that storm arched to the North of us and we in NE Ohio really dodged a bullet.

Now Nika - bearing down as I type - is no bullet, but is going to be of the  'snowmaggedon' variety.  I see it's already inundated Oklahoma, Missouri and parts between here and there.

We're getting predictions of ice and sleet and 6-10" of new snow over the next 30-some hours.

Here we go again, kids.  Assume the 'hunker down' position.

This winter sucks.


  1. I am reading backwards so I know you got the predictions. Sorry about that.

    I am getting so antsy I may even open the sewing maching and stitch together another apron.

    1. As you can see on the sidebar - my antsy has taken me well into the kitchen. I'm really on a roll.


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