Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Nika swept in last night.

There was about 3" of snow when I went to bed before midnight and this morning looks like 6-7" of snow. But it may have been deeper at one point because this morning we're being pelted with rain and ice. Everything is getting coated with ice.  Even the windows are getting glazed. This is the dangerous part.

The radar shows Stark county right smack in the middle of bright pink.

We can only hope the ice doesn't get so bad that power lines come down.

Right now I can't even open the door to outside - the snow is so thickly crusted with ice that it needs hacked up to move.

I hate this winter.

====== a little later =====

Tried opening the door onto the deck - no go.  Snow really crusted with ice. 

Did get it open enough to toss out some birdseed, though.  No sense risking my neck to get out to the birdfeeder!

 Usually it's a waste of seed to throw it onto snow - it just sinks.  But the snow right now is like a slick table.  And with temps only going lower for the next 7 days, it's not going to soften up anytime soon.

I'm going to have to get someone in to do my driveway as well as Mom's.  No way can I handle this load. 


  1. We had about 5 inches of it and the wind is moving it around today. My rabbits come along and eat up the fallen seed under the feeders.

  2. Weather all over the globe is out of sink. Here in Britain we have our lovely county of Somerset flooded and hundreds of homesteads destroyed by water. The rains have been the heaviest ever recorded for December and January. The ground all around our gardens are so sodden that any surface water takes days to drain away. Just like you, we are also fed up with it all by now. Let`s hope that we shall see improvements soon.

  3. This winter will go down as one to remember......and not with pleasure. LP is now up to $6! We still have plenty of wood (I hope). I am ready for this winter to be gone.

    So far, we haven't had any ice. At least we can cling to that with gratitude.

    1. Amen to the ice for you. Here we got it: sleet, rain, ice, you name it, we got it.


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