Friday, February 7, 2014


Last night Craig came over with his big snow blower and took quite some time (in the dark) to remove all the 4-6" of ice-frozen snow from the driveway and the turnaround.

It was a joy to watch someone who knows what he's doing!  That big machine had to really work hard though.  Even from inside the sunroom, I could hear the noise - how the frozen crust made the blower sound like a blender filled with stones.  It was quite a racket.

But the machine managed to cut into it, pulverize and then send it out in 10-foot long plumes. Like frozen fireworks.

Ah.  Now I know I can do my driveway 90% of the time with my little paddle blower which only throws about 5 feet when the snow is light and dry.  But every now and then I'm hammered to the point where I'm totally useless, uh, the blower is totally useless (*heh*).

I'm very very lucky to have such a friend to come out in 4F weather after a long day's work to clean out my driveway.  Thank you, Craig.

And there is more gratitude to go around.  My other friend, Harold, went over to Mother's house and used his machine to clean off her driveway last night too.

Now I can get out of my place and get into Mom's.  We're good - until the next snowfall anyway.

The guys took what was an insurmountable task to me and fixed us right up.  What would we do without our friends?

It was so nice to be able to get out to the bird feeder this morning.  The birds were really happy too.

The sun is shining and the landscape is beautiful - when you're not feeling trapped, that is.

Hang in there.  This winter has to end eventually, right? Right??

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