Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hammered again

Coming down right now - 11:00 a.m.
It's been snowing steadily since midnight and I've already had to blow 4-5" off the driveway this morning.  There is still a lot coming down and the radar blob is a big slow-moving blue.

Thank goodness Craig got all the ice is off my driveway.  Now I only have to deal with dry snow.  Neighbors who did not clean their drives are now faced with at least 8" sheet of snow/ice/snow.  They are getting stuck in their own driveways.  So sad.

One upside - the house is always warmer when there is snow on the roof.  It's natural insulation.

Ah well, I"m not going anywhere today so I'll hunker down inside and then go out and blow the driveway again after the blue blob leaves.  I want to do it today because temps are plunging again tonight and won't get out of the teens for days.

Still hating this winter...


  1. I love how your house looks with the snow on the roof. It also insulates the plants from the extreme temperatures. We are under that same blue streak you are under but we are just in the 1-2 inch range and it is coming down now.

    We are cold today (again) and tomorrow.....then, a slow warm up to almost 60°.

  2. Oh, how I would love a little snow right now. Here in Britain we have extreme rains and flooding. Over 1000 people have now lost their homes and businesses to flooding. I`m lucky to live on high ground, far enough away from the sea, so I`m safe. Most of Somerset is now under water and it`s a frightening picture to watch the news every evening. More rain, storm and floods are predicted for the next week. It`s a depressing outlook, with grey skies all around us. I`d gladly see some snow instead. Apparently, global warming has had its impact on our weathers, so we should expect more of these extreme conditions over the coming years, experts have concluded here in Britain. Maybe a new ice age is coming. Who knows? I`m also fed up with winter now. Surely, all this stupid weather must end soon. It`s spring time in one month, not that we`ve seen any signs of it yet. Keep warm and safe.


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