Tuesday, February 18, 2014

REX - worst storm yet

Winds into 30 mps (check drifting off the garage roof). Gusts to 35 overnight.  Whiteouts.  Parts of the freeways are closed.

There is snow blown into all the window screens.  Deep snow  - about 6-10" here in Stark County (check out the pile on the bird bath).

Power outages.

Salt is running out in NE Ohio cities and there are no deliveries.

This is not light fluffy snow, this is wet and heavy. 

Only bright spot?  Down here we didn't get any freezing rain before the snow hit.

When this storm has passed, the temps will warm up.  Yay?  Well, no.

Thursday will be 50 and there will be heavy rain.  On top of this snow.  The flooding should be really nasty.

I finally dug a narrow path out to the bird feeder.  Snow is at least 7" deep.  And heavy.  I'll have to have help digging out both here and at Mom's.

I repeat.  I'm hating this winter.


  1. There seems to be no let up for you! We are enjoying a very nice warm spell and no snow anywhere in sight. Remember snow means moisture which is a good thing. We are down almost 3 inches this year.

    1. Oh how I wish I could send this stuff down to you.


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