Thursday, February 27, 2014

Still cold, snowy

Outside right now: 8:30 am
The weather remains very cold and snowy (mostly lake effect now).   After Rex (and the cleanup), we had a couple of above freezing days thanks to Seneca.  A good bit of snow melted from the roofs, gutters and lawns although there are still piles of the stuff where things have been plowed or blown.  Seneca also gave us a half-inch of rain.  Thankfully the ice had melted from the gutters, so no water problems here.

Today won't get out of the teens and rest of the week also frigid (another polar vortex thing).

It's snowing right now and is very windy.  Brrrr.

I've started on the spring clean that I didn't get to last year due to illness.  I've gone through all the drawers, cupboards and shelves that are in the section of the house I've been keeping warm through the winter.  The closed rooms (upstairs and 2nd main floor bedroom) are just too cold to work in as is the breezeway and sunroom.  I've decided this will be a PURGE year.  Not used? Not liked?  Not needed?   Then not KEPT.   There will be a lot I think.  Only thing to decide is:  go through the effort of selling?  or just take to a donation center and be done with it.  We'll see.  When I moved in 11 years ago, I brought 8 big boxes of books.  Maybe I'll finally get them unpacked this year!

Frozen death
Sad to report that all the geraniums stored in the sunroom did not make it through this winter.  Past couple of winters were milder.  This year the sunroom dipped below freezing (sometimes even below ZERO) a lot of times, so the geraniums died.  Oh well.  They are not expensive to replenish.

Out for a Chinese lunch today with a friend and my mom.  Looking forward to the lunch and visit.  Not looking forward to going out in this bitter cold weather. 

Hope you are all warm and aren't digging out of anything.


  1. The going out into this kind of weather makes me tired. I really am dragging from the length of time this cold has kept up with no end in sight.

    1. It really is beating us down this year, Larry. I'll be happy when this is all over.

  2. We are awaiting a possible ice storm.....and 7 more days of below normal temperatures. At least the propane price is going down!

    1. We are still well below normal. Looks like March is going to be a cold month.


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