Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another freaking blizzard

Tuesday was almost lovely - mostly sunny; up to 36F; no wind.

The kind of day that, combined with the calendar, makes one think towards Spring and all that entails.

Even the birds were in full song. Tra la!

Then, around 4:00 pm, it got darker.  The winds picked up. And up.  And UP!

Before you know it they were blasting at 30-40mph.  And it started to snow - sideways.

Temp tumbled from 36 to 23 within 10 minutes!  (It eventually bottoming out near 10F last night.)

Meanwhile the snow kept coming.  It plastered the sides of the house and trees.

More and more snow - whiteouts for 30-45 minutes.  My one leaky window whined and whistled from the persistent wind.

Finally, around 7:00 pm, things seemed to have settled down with about 1.5" of snow.

There, I thought.  It got it out of its system.

But NO.   It snowed again in the night and I found 3+ inches on the ground this morning (almost 6+ over at my Mom's - just 4 miles away).

Oh good grief!

Have I ever mentioned how tired of winter I am. Have I?   HAVE I?



  1. Kris, I am not moving to your neck of the woods! ever!

    We are warmer, windier today and maybe (hopefully) getting some rain.

    It does look pretty out the window though.......

    1. A mild trend on the way 40s-50s. But now it's still in the 20s and there is rain/ice/sleet on the radar coming right now. Oh yippee..... *sigh*

  2. We feel the same way. I was walking my furbabies this morning and started getting hit in the head with pellets of freezing rain and snow. Enough already!!!

    1. I'm thinking we deserve the perfect summer this year. We've sure earned it!

  3. Hubby and I just got home from a few days "south" (Dubuqe, IA). Though cold, it was such a relief to see GROUND. Alas, we got another 7 inches back at home. The yard hydrant pump handle has disappeared yet again. Sigh. At least we missed the 15 BELOW temps on Wednesday morning. Cripes, I'm tired of it all ......

    1. Temps near 50F now - snow gone - but winds up to 45mph today. If I could find where I could dump a couple drums of valium into Mother Nature, I'd do it in a minute. That woman needs some serious meds!

  4. Morning m'dear. I must, must, must get back to the routine of reading my most favourite blogs and saying 'hello'.

    So, "hello"!

    We felt pretty much the same as you this year, but it's been rain which was the problem. Thankfully (she whispers with fingers crossed), things seem to be on the turn now :}

    1. This winter has been such a nasty drawn-out affair. We are still waiting for spring. I've seen enough cold and snow to set me a good long while.


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