Monday, March 24, 2014

First spring harvest

Only up to 15 today after a very frigid night.  But the sun was shining so I bundled up and mosied around the yard while the footing was hard and firm for my bad ankle.

I ended up down by the pine trees and checked things out.  I don't mow the lawn down there anymore.  It's great when it gets really long.  Golfers have no chance of finding their lost balls in there so they usually give looking for them a pass.

After our looooong winter with heavy snows, the dormant grass was pretty much mashed flat.

I had no trouble prying up these 8 well-frozen golf balls from the yard.

Tres colorful.  Looks like the Easter bunny was here early.  

But no, really.  I did have a first harvest (other than the greens I'm grazing on from the basement bins).

Some who follow the Propagation Page will know I planted French breakfast radishes in a small bin.  I ate the first one today and it was delicious: crisp, sweet, only mildly hot.  A perfect accent for an afternoon snack.

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  1. Pink for girls and white for boys...? LOL

    1. Nah. Golfers think that colored balls might be easier to find. Obviously that doesn't work since they lose them just as often as the regular white balls.

  2. I can't believe you found that many in your yard. I might be dangerous to work out back this summer!

    The pictures of the foods are gorgeous.

    1. Oh lordy, Glenda. I've found at least 3 5-gallon pails worth of balls over the past 11 years. 8 is hardly anything!

      Yeah, those French breakfast radishes are a keeper.


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