Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another happy day.


After 'enjoying' 12" of rain in June, July has given us a measly .5" --- until today!

Privacy fence extension cedar planks getting their first wetting.
I could look at that new fence all day!

It's coming down as I type.

I heard the 1st patter around 1:00 am. and now, over 8 hours later, it's still raining.

No wind.  No thunder.  No lightning.  No drenching downpour.  No drama.

Just rain.  Light and steady.  After 8.5 hours, we've gotten just shy of 3/4".  No worry about gutters overflowing, basement leaking, water running off and swelling the creek.

Just blessed gentle rain.  Sitting in the sunroom with a cup or two of tea this morning was just heavenly as the it pattered on the sunroof.  When the rain comes gently like this, the parched ground gets a chance to open up and absorb it instead of something pelting that just runs off.

Even the gardener relaxes, breathes a little deeper, sits a little calmer.

Oh, there is a big weather change coming.  After a week of nights in the 40s, days in the high 60s (just 59 right now), the big hot wet is coming next week with with temps in the 90s and storms all around.

But for now - today - right this minute - it couldn't get much better.


  1. I'm so glad you're getting that gentle rain. It really benefits those plants when it can actually soak in slowly. Our last two rains have been downpours. Sand packs together and just sheds it. Our "soil" (ha ha) is dry as dust despite good rainfall amounts.
    Please send a cup or two my way
    Have a great weekend, Kris

    1. I hate downpours. Oh, it's great for filling water cachement, but for hydrating soil? Not so much. Hope you get some slow and gentle soon.

  2. Ah - for some proper rain. All we are getting is 3 - 5mm every week or so...

    1. Don't you hate it when you start *aching* for rain? Hope you get some soon.

  3. Enjoy that moment! I hope our big heat also brings some big rains but none forecast so far. I love that new privacy fence too!

    1. Yeah, ain't she a beaut! And I'm having tons fun thinking what I can plant in front of it. LOL


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