Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oh happy day!

Happy happy joy joy!!

We put the cedar planks up on the fence extension.  What a difference!

Details will be posted soon on the Garden Projects page.  Keep checking the sidebar blogs for updates.

Happy happy joy joy!!

(Quick history - older posts:  Quick Privacy .... Frost & Fabric)


  1. If that picture of

    Good looking cuc too!

  2. The picture is of the privacy fence extension with the cedar planks installed!! That's what all the happy happy joy joy is about. That MY delirium. :-D

  3. I will try to remember......If that picture of the fence in your header is the new one it looks dynamite! That is the thing I hate about my denuded front shrub border....lack of privacy but I bet lots of stuff comes back from the roots and I will let one or two things grow.

    Like the new header picture of various things.


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