Sunday, September 28, 2014

*&$! Deer

This is NOT a telescopic photo.

This IS just how brazen the fr^cking deer are around here.

They just ignored me even though I was holding a camera AND waving a big stick!

If I didn't have such a bad ankle I could have walked up and KICKED them.

Have I ever mentioned I HATE  DEER!

Good news though, on other fronts.  Check out the 'garden projects', 'flowers' and 'vegetables' pages.

Meanwhile I'm trying to find time (after a week very VERY busy with appointments, projects, and family matters) to SIT DOWN at my new bistro table and RELAX.  *sigh*  It just doesn't come easily, though, does it?  How about you?  'Fess up.  Keep putting off that little sit-down or nap you want?

Welcome to gardening.  LOL


  1. These days I am not having a problem sitting down and doing nothing! The days I overdo, I pay for it. Blasted deer.

    1. I'm the same. Sitting frustrates me. Working hard hurts me. I can't seem to find a middle ground. Luckily my latest project didn't overwhelm me physically. I'll post about it soon.

  2. Nothing good about that photo .... way, way too close and too brazen. So sorry for you, it's heartbreaking to see these damn creatures destroy your garden.

    As for the sitting down thing - hey lady, when you find the answer to this perennial problem, for goodness sake, share it!

  3. I think you should've hopped on their backs and just ridden them down to a neighbor's yard. ;-)

    1. Tick & flea infested 4-legged vermin to ride? I think not....


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